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Barriers: The life and legacy of Tom Evans

Tom Evans is an environmental protector and political connector.

With our nation divided between left and right, Barriers reflects on a time when politics worked in Washington. Tom Evans was the lone representative from Delaware in the 1970s and 80s and worked his way into the center of political power. He built coalitions of Democrats and Republicans, including the president, to pass major environmental legislation despite opposition from big-money lobbyists. The Coastal Barrier Resources Act, touted by the New York Times as “the most important environmental legislation no one has ever heard of,” and the Alaska Lands Act are among his most significant achievements while in Congress that protect vulnerable coastlines and pristine wilderness.

Even though he ran with the biggest names in Republican circles while in Congress, his influence extended before and far after his time there. Evans gave hundreds of speeches at various political and non-political venues to share wisdom and inspire his audiences. At 88, he continues to give interviews and pen op-eds to chastise politicians who are on the wrong path or tap the consciousness of the American people.

Barriers is a window into his life’s work. Filled with stories and photos of presidents, congressmen, fellow golfers, and family, this book reveals a man determined to use his gifts to make a difference. It speaks to a common-sense approach to legislation and consensus building in interactions with others that got lost in the last decades since he served. It’s about being a workhorse, not a show horse, and treating people with respect.

A portion of the proceeds is donated to the National Wildlife Federation. 

Barriers: Latest Work

I have just finished this inspirational and story of your life and career. Your enthusiasm and energy for all our wellbeing and the resources of our nation leave one breathless and blessed to know that there must be more yet to come.

John Stimpson

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