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About Tom Evans

Tom embodies a life filled with joy for the work he’s done and for the people who’ve graced it. Mostly, the joy is for the mark he leaves on history and a life’s purpose fulfilled.

Passion and enthusiasm are the lenses through which he operates. His tireless work ethic paired with a golden heart led to a life filled with meaningful accomplishments in politics, for the environment, and for causes that have been fortunate enough to have his support.

And, nothing is more important to Tom than family. His wife, Mary Page, along with three children and three grandchildren, fill his life and are the motivating force behind the advocacy he continues to pursue. 

He hopes his story will resonate with politicians and citizens alike to strive for the best in ourselves and to serve others.

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“Our destiny doesn’t lie in bringing people down to some common standard, but rather by giving everyone an opportunity to move up to their highest potential.”

~ Tom Evans

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Lois Hoffman


Lois is an award-winning author, speaker, book coach, and founder of The Happy Self-Publisher. She helps new and experienced writers use their voice through writing and publishing books to realize their vision for success.  She juggles her creative pursuits with enthusiasm and joy in Newark, Delaware with her husband, Michael.

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