Tom Evans

Environmental Protector and Political Connector


About Tom

Tom Evans, the lone U.S. Representative from Delaware in the 1970s and 80s was at the center of political power in Washington. He built bipartisan coalitions to champion major environmental legislation and has a message for those serving in political office and a call to citizens — use your voice before you cease to have one.


BARRIERS: The life and legacy of Tom Evans

Barriers is a window into Tom's life's work. Filled with stories and photos of presidents, congressmen, fellow golfers, and family, this book reveals a man determined to use his gifts to make a difference. It speaks to a common-sense approach to legislation and consensus building in interactions with others that got lost in the decades since he served. His message is a timeless reminder of how one person can impact the world.


"I want this earth to be a better place for my children, my grandchildren, and my grandchildren's children. The future depends on everyone working together. The earth knows no political boundaries.”

— Tom Evans


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